"You are never too young to lead and never too old to learn"

Kofi Annan held the keynote speech in World Conference in Amsterdam. He spoke a lot for the importance of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and the role of Junior Chamber International in order to reach these. He emphasised that how important the smallest action is and that how the work reflects not maybe to our generation more for the next ones. He reminded us to "put the planet first".

Kofi Annan encouraged us to be politically active, to use our votes, since improving your society means participation and thus we should make our voices heard. To us JCs all around the world he said "go to do what you need to do and challenge your leadership" that is the essece of empowering young active citizens. He gave a good hint to be effective to get things done "write your stories so that people understand it and make so much noise that politicians cannot ignore it".

About leadership he told that a good leader is a good listener, but also a good follower. A leader must understand that he/she cannot have all the answers and a good leader must also know when there is time to follow.  To the leaders all around the world he reminded that it is important to be aware of keeping balance between work life and personal life.

A RIO Maija Tähtinen 

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