Inspirational stories of foreigners finding their ways in Finland

On 16th November it was time for JCI Cosmopolis flagship event, organized in collaboration with Kalliola Settlement house, a multi-functional association producing e.g. social services, adult learning, civic and voluntary activities in the metropolitan area. 

How I found my job in Finland - event had its focus on motivational and inspiring stories of people who succeeded to find jobs while crafting their unique way into the Finnish society. These stories were delivered in the form of five engaging speeches which held the audience around for several hours, providing them also with a fantastic opportunity to get to know Kalliola Settlement house, to mingle and to network. Of course, along with small snacks and refreshments so all you needed to do was to enjoy your time in full.

We collected considerable amount of insights from the attendees through event surveys, outlining the real needs and other relevant facts, information that will serve and guide us in organization of our future events. Overall the feedback was delightfully positive and attendees confirmed they got “good advices” and “motivation in getting a job in Finland”. 

In the event we had over 70 attendees, 5 speakers, about 5 volunteers and a team of 7 active people working directly on the project.

The popularity of the event confirmed the existence of the need and interest towards this kind of events. Perhaps one of the greatest outcomes of the event was the interest expressed by the Red Cross organization to replicate the event in collaboration with us in the future. Thus, JCI Cosmopolis is pleased of the overall success of the event and challenges you to stay tuned in for the future as more amazing events are to follow in due course!

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